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BHP's planned Olympic Dam expansion to increase output of copper ¦ Amendments to exclusion periods for WPA access zones, issued February 2019 ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000

The Mineral Resources Division offers career opportunities in administration and management, geology and engineering

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Careers within Mineral Resources Division

Roles may include:

  • Strategic policy and support - facilitating development of mining projects, providing advice to government and community, advising on legislative frameworks
  • Mining regulation and rehabilitation - regulating exploration and mining operations, determining and collecting statutory royalties
  • Geoscientific information management - defining mineral resources and their potential, generating and managing geoscientific information, providing geoscientific advice and data to industry, government and the community

Work experience

Secondary school students wishing to undertake work experience in the geosciences should contact the Community Education Officer by email or in writing:

  • at least one term before the expected school release time
  • stating the reasons why they have chosen this vocational area, and
  • including all contact details.

Careers in the geosciences and mining industry

The following sources are available to provide careers information:

  • The Hot Rubble website provides information about a career in the minerals, oil and gas sectors in South Australia.
  • The Mineral Resources Division's Community Education Officer provides a free service to schools, including workshops and information sessions on careers in the geosciences.
  • The Mineral Resources Division Earth Sciences Summer School is available to students in years 9, 10 and 11

Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA)

RESA works with resource companies and education and training providers to address anticipated skills shortages in the resources sector.

RESA has undertaken comprehensive research and analysis of the current and projected workforce requirements for approved for operation resources projects in South Australia - forecast for 2013 through to 2020

More about RESA

Job opportunities in the mining industry

The Mineral Resources Division does not hold information about particular job opportunities within the mining industry. If you are interested in working within the mining industry try:

  • Many exploration and mining companies have a careers section on their websites.
  • Links to company websites can be found on the Mineral projects and Mines and quarries pages on this website.

For more information, contact:

For more information about the work experience program and the Earth Sciences Summer School

John Mignone
Community Education Officer