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Engaging Aboriginal contractors in mining operations

AEMEE workshop

Monday 17 June
Adelaide Convention Centre
10.00 am to 4.00 pm

A masterclass on building business capability for miners and contractors wanting to effectively engage Aboriginal businesses, including:

  • case studies showing successful integration of Indigenous procurement techniques into business procurement processes
  • introduction to the AEMEE Indigenous Procurement Checklist
  • an Industry Self-Assessment process

Your co-hosts

The Aboriginal Enterprise in Mining, Energy and Exploration (AEMEE) was formed in 2004/2005 as an independent industry association to support and grow the Indigenous businesses in the mining and oil and gas sectors. AEMEE
Design for growth (D4G) is a professional services company that has drawn together a network of industry experts, consultants, advisors and researchers who specialise in engagement strategy and performance improvement. D4G brings a strategic and partnership approach to creating innovative solutions to complex challenges. Design for growth

Masterclass program

Time Activity / MaterialPresenter
10:15 am Arrival, networking and tea/coffee 
10:30 am Introduction 
10:30–10:35 am Welcome to Country (Kuarna) Mr Lewis O'Brien
10:35–10:40 am Masterclass opening Dr Paul Heithersay
Chief Executive, Department for Energy and Mining 
10:40–10:50 am Project background
  • Who is AEMEE
  • Indigenous procurement in Australia and within the resource sector
Mr John Briggs
10:50–11:20 am

Introduction and context
(Reference pre-questionnaire responses)

  • Introduction to participants, skills and role
  • Far West Coast case study
Professor Christine Charles
11:20–11:35 am An industry perspectiveGeoff Deans
External Relations Advisor, OZ Minerals
David Henchliffe
Group Manager Procurement, OZ Minerals
11:35 am–12:00 noon

Indigenous procurement checklist

  • Introduction to the framework
  • Four key elements (Internal environment, Management systems, Sourcing strategies, External engagement
Professor Christine Charles
12:00 noon–12:45 pm Issues identification
What are the challenges, opportunities and weaknesses (capacity) for procurement (purchasing companies) and Indigenous companies 
Professor Christine Charles
12:45 pm–1:30 pm Lunch  
1:30 pm–2:30 pm

Small group investigation - self assessment

  • How do companies deliver?
  • What tools and processes work?
  • Capacity (internal) - what are the (skill) gaps?
  • Capacity (external) - what are the gaps?
(Capacity 8 small groups) 
2:30 pm–3:15 pm Plenary
Facilitator summary of key insights, small group findings 
3:15 pm–3:30 pm

Next steps and thank you

  • AEMEE conference - Darwin, 5 and 6 September 2019
  • Participant commitments
Professor Christine Charles


Design for growth (D4G)
Professor Christine Charles
Ms Jane Russo 
Ms Kim Muhlen

Aboriginal Enterprise in Mining, Energy and Exploration (AEMEE)
Mr John Briggs

Linking Futures initiative
Mr Parry Agius, Managing Director

Resource Engineering Skills Alliance
Mr Phil DeCourcey, Chief Executive Officer

OZ Minerals