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The Policy Renewal Initiative for Minerals and Energy (PRIME) is a Government of South Australia program for developing and renewing resource exploration and extraction policy documents to provide practical information to stakeholders.

It aims to improve minerals and energy regulatory efficiency by developing a suite of policy materials that are:

  • up-to-date to reflect obligations under current legal instruments including Acts of Parliament, Regulations and Ministerial Determinations
  • accurate and consistent with legal instruments and do not circumvent or augment statutory processes, fetter a statutory discretion or operate inflexibly
  • comprehensive in providing policies on all aspects of mining and energy regulation and address identified gaps such as financial assurances for exploration and environmental liabilities and working conditions
  • coherent and that clearly link to the process of resource development cycle and stakeholder concerns
  • consistent in scope, format, language and style of publication
  • accessible to stakeholders and published to provide transparency and predictability of decision making.

Approach to policy renewal

A key element of the PRIME program is to develop a simple hierarchical policy structure which aligns to legislative instruments. It includes a critical review of the existing structure of policy documents illustrated below:

Existing structure of policy documents

The endorsed program structure has defined the scope of policy renewal and has guided the development of a Policy Manual. The manual defines each type of policy instrument, timeframes for development, consultation requirements and policy development processes.

More information

For further information on PRIME, please contact:

Resource Policy and Engagement Branch
Mineral and Energy Resources Divisions
Department for Energy and Mining
Level 5, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
Phone: +61 8 8463 3000
Email: DLDPCMERResourcePolicyand