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Award for Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources

Women are still under-represented in high-growth industries such as mining and energy.

Some examples that may indicate excellence in leadership – women in resources might include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing approaches that embrace gender analysis and equity in the workforce (such as pay equity reviews and diversity forums)
  • Delivering targeted training programs to increase participation and retention of women
  • Actively supporting work-life balance through flexible work practices (for instance, for people with caring responsibilities)
  • Progressing initiatives to increase the number of women in leadership roles within the organisation
  • Providing opportunities for female tertiary students in relevant fields to pursue their careers in the resources sector

The South Australian Government’s Office for Women exists to pursue the full and equal participation of women in the social and economic life of the State. More information on their work programs and the participation of women in the workforce can be found at

Application forms

Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources: online application form

Applicants should respond to each criterion, providing examples and evidence to substantiate claims wherever possible. Discussion points have been provided (as a guide only) under each criterion – applicants should aim to distinguish their application by providing the information they feel will assist the judges to reach an informed decision on whether they have indeed achieved excellence in leadership - women in resources.

For more information about the awards refer to the award guidelines and conditions of entry.

Company details

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Part 1 - Business overview

1. Provide an overview of your business (300 words maximum)

  • Include a brief history of operations/activities, location, number of staff etc. Focus on what you see as the current market and social challenges for your business and how these challenges inform or impact on your ability to design and deliver targeted programs for the participation of women in your workforce.

Part 2 - Submission

2. Describe your company or business' commitment to the participation of women across your operations. (500 words maximum)

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • Does your organisation have a formal diversity plan or program?
  • Is this plan regularly reviewed and communicated to all staff? If so, how?
  • Does your organisation have targeted programs to recruit, retain and/or advance women in your organisation? Are there key objectives or targets linked to those programs?
  • Are programs designed in consultation with women, or other relevant organisations? If so, who was involved and why was their contribution important to the design and implementation of these programs?

3. What policies/programs have been implemented in 2016 to increase the participation of women across your organisations?  (1000 words maximum)
Companies or businesses should focus on final outcomes achieved or a milestone for a long running program. 

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • What are your organisation's flagship participation programs for women? How do they aim to increase the participation of women across your organisation? Please list any programs that you believe relevant but that you are unable to explain fully within the word limit.
  • What have been the key outcomes and milestones reached? Are you able to provide evidence on the success of your policies and/or programs, such as information on retention rates or submissions/comments from participants?
  • Are your programs and/or policies embedded at all levels of the organisation (including senior management)?
  • Are programs and/or policies measured and evaluated against their intended objectives? What have you learnt through that process and have you made any changes resulting from what you have learnt?
  • Do you believe that your programs and/or policies set a benchmark for industry? If so, how?

3. In 200 words or less, please summarise the merit of your application for this award.

Supplementary documentation

You may attach up to three (3) supplementary documents in support of your application, including evidence of programs and policies outlined in your written submission. Please note that word documents must be submitted as .doc (not .docx).

If the documents are longer than three (3) pages please complete the summary sheet for each document, outlining the key points for the judges' consideration.

Terms and conditions

Contact person for this application

Please provide the details of an appropriate contact person for this application.

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a copy of the submission will be sent to this email address