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Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion

This award recognises a company or business that has proactively taken steps to involve people from South Australia’s most disadvantaged groups in their operations, assisting them to take advantage of the economic and social benefits the sectors have to offer.

By developing programs and implementing workplace practices, businesses in this category will be judged to have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to ‘best practice’ that has or will increase opportunities for those in South Australia’s most disadvantaged groups.

Some examples of workforce inclusion activities currently provided by the mining and energy sector include:

  • Targeted training programs for economically and socially disadvantaged people
  • Providing jobs for local and/or Aboriginal people
  • Mentoring Aboriginal businesses and providing contract opportunities

Application forms

Excellence in Social Inclusion: online entry form

Applicants should respond to each criterion, providing examples and evidence to substantiate claims wherever possible. Discussion points have been provided (as a guide only) under each criterion – applicants should aim to distinguish their application by providing the information they feel will assist the judges to reach an informed decision on whether they have indeed achieved excellence in social inclusion.

For more information about the awards refer to the awards guideline and conditions of entry.

Company details

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Part 1 - Business overview

1. Provide an overview of your business (300 words maximum)

  • Include a brief history of operations/activities, location, number of staff etc. Focus on what you see as the current market and social challenges for your business and how these challenges inform or impact on your ability to design and deliver programs and practices that deliver social benefits.

Part 2 - Submission

2. Describe your company or business' vision for delivering benefits to socially and/or economically disadvantaged groups in South Australia (500 words maximum)

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • Is there a business plan and/or vision with respect to delivering social benefits to the local/regional community?
  • How was the vision or business plan developed? Were staff members and/or other stakeholders involved? How important was their contribution? How supportive were they?
  • Is the vision linked to, or informed by, market and/or social challenges and are there specific, measurable objectives and/or targets?
  • Do you have a designated function or outreach officers within your organisation to assist in the implementation and/or management of social benefit programs?
  • Are programs and practices linked to the company's vision, policies and/or identified social challenges?

3. What programs and/or practices have you implemented in 2016 to address social challenges and improve outcomes for socially and/or economically disadvantaged groups in South Australia? (1000 words maximum)

Companies and businesses should focus on final outcomes achieved or a milestone for a long running program. 

Discussion points to consider in your response:

  • What are the key programs and/or practices you have implemented to improve outcomes across disadvantaged groups in South Australia?
  • Are there any flagship programs? Please list any programs that you believe relevant but that you are unable to explain fully within the word limit.
  • Has a formal policy been developed to deliver benefits to socially and/or economically disadvantaged communities? If so, who was involved in its development?
  • What have been the key outcomes and milestones?
  • Are programs measured and evaluated against intended objectives? What have you learnt from this process?
  • Are you able to provide evidence on the success of programs, such as information on retention rates, submissions/comments from participants or the community?

4. In 200 words or less, please summarise the merit of your application for this award.

Supplementary documentation

You may attach up to three (3) supplementary documents in support of your application, including evidence of programs and policies outlined in your written submission. 

If the documents are longer than three (3) pages please complete the summary sheet for each document, outlining the key points for the judges' consideration.

Terms and conditions

Contact person for application

Please provide the details of an appropriate contact person for this application.

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a copy of the submission will be sent to this email address