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Award for Excellence in Supporting Communities

This award recognises a business that has demonstrated industry excellence in developing, stewarding or supporting community-wide participation in social or community activities. Such activities can play a large role in improving social wellbeing, developing greater cultural awareness, fostering creativity and innovation, and building a more vibrant and sustainable South Australia.

These activities can be broad scale community activities from which a large proportion of the South Australian community can benefit or activities that focus on a specific issue or sector of a community, and that do not relate to the core business of the company or business. Examples of this could include activities or programs designed to increase the ability for regional and remote communities to participate in events that they would not otherwise have access to.

Some examples of supporting communities include:

  • Festivals or community events
  • Art shows or exhibitions
  • Cultural and other community awareness activities such as
    • Indigenous culture exhibitions or programs
    • Multicultural awareness activities
  • Small and large scale sporting events
  • Travelling ‘road shows’ to regional and remote communities
  • Targeted funding of community trusts or local community services and infrastructure
  • Sourcing goods and services from local communities and businesses
  • Food programs that encourage communities to promote and improve health awareness
  • Programs targeted at adolescents and/or families