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Coompana Drilling and Geochemistry - precompetitive geoscience data releases ¦  Statute Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018 introduced into Parliament ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 ¦ Regulatory Guideline MG2b PEPR for metallic and industrial minerals - updated guidance on measurement criteria

Award winners 2016

  • Excellence in Social Inclusion
    Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd – for its exceptional partnership in a dynamic Aboriginal school mentoring program, which connects high school students to further education and possible employment in the resources sector.
    OZ Minerals and Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal Corporation – for establishing an innovative partnership with Aboriginal people, laying the foundation to leverage long term business opportunities beyond the life of the Prominent Hill mine and outside of the resource industry.
  • Excellence in Supporting Communities
    Hillgrove Resources Limited and Kanmantoo Callington Community Consultative Committee – for building durable relationships with their community to deliver projects that are making a tangible difference on many levels.
    BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation and Art Gallery of South Australia - for their partnership in the inaugural Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, which delivered significant economic, education and community appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and connection to land.
  • Excellence in Leadership – Women in Resources
    Winner: Zonge Engineering & Research Organisation (Aust) Pty Ltd - for its role in shaping sector-wide initiatives that will increase the number of women working in the industry as a whole, driven by Zonge’s Managing Director’s commitment to leadership.

    Commendation: Boral Resources Ltd

Award winners 2015

  • Excellence in Social Inclusion
    Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd 
  • Excellence in Supporting Communities
    Kalari Transport Pty Ltd and Iluka Resources Ltd
  • Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources
    Oz Minerals Ltd


  • OZ Minerals Pty Ltd (Excellence in Supporting Communities)
  • Fyfe Pty Ltd (Excellence in Leadership - Women in Leadership)
  • Terramin Australia Ltd and Iron Road Ltd (Environmental Excellence) 

Award winners 2014

  • Excellence in Social Inclusion
    BHP Billiton Olympic Dam for its Prisoner Re-integration Employment Opportunities, a bold initiative bringing about life-changing opportunities for participants and with a remarkable success rate since implemented in 2009.
  • Excellence in Supporting Communities
    IMX Resources Ltd
    for its major contribution to community life in Coober Pedy, enhancing the areas economic viability through its fly-in fly-out workers, providing medical equipment to the local hospital and supporting health education, and implementing food programs in the Coober Pedy and Marree Aboriginal schools.
  • Excellence in Leadership - Women in Resources
    Thiess Pty Ltd for implementing a broad range of initiatives to support the potential of women at all levels in its workforce, including a well-researched 'Women in Mining' Strategic Plan addressing the needs of women to progress their career in mining.
  • Environmental Excellence
    Iluka Resources Ltd for its Pro-Activity-Beyond Compliance initiative and research work with the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and local universities on its rehabilitation activities which have far reaching benefits for many other companies and industries in the future.

Two entrants were highly commended:

  • OZ Minerals Ltd was highly commended for its wide-ranging work in communities and especially for supporting communities, implementing social inclusion measures, and providing leadership programs to enable women to advance their careers in the resources sector.
  • Murray Zircon Pty Ltd was praised for its commitment to working with the local community in the Murray Mallee and for displaying strong corporate social responsibility.

In total eighteen (18) entries, which included one joint submission, were received from 13 companies for the 2014 awards.

Award winners 2013

  • Excellence in social inclusion
    Iluka Resources for successful social inclusion and indigenous initiatives including its Pre-Employment Programs
  • Excellence in supporting community participation
    Joint winners: Royal Resources for their range of community participation programs and work in raising awareness about mental health; and PepinNini Minerals for their long-term work in encouraging the participation, involvement and contributions from local remote communities in their operations
  • Excellence in environmental management
    Flinders Logistics for the development of dust minimisation using ground-breaking technology
  • Excellence in leadership - women in resources
    Joint winners: OZ Minerals and Beach Energy for their cross-industry initative encouraging diversity across all organisation levels through their 'Leading My Career Program'

Award winners 2012

  • Excellence in social inclusion
    Oz Minerals for its commitment to socially and economically disadvantaged members of the community through its Prominent Hill copper and gold mine near Coober Pedy. The company has developed a new 12 month program to assist employees who experience difficulties with language, literacy and numeracy. 
  • Supporting community participation
    Santos for its exceptional and long-standing support for cultural, sporting and educational activities and events across South Australia, including flag ship community participation events, such as the Santos Tour Down Under. Santos also supports the Aboriginal Power Cup and Yalari program, both of which aim to improve education, training and employment pathways for Aboriginal people.
  • Highly commended
    Iluka Resources, Leighton Contractors and PepinNini Minerals also demonstrated outstanding achievements for their socially inclusive programs in remote areas, including mentoring initiatives to support indigenous people and businesses.

Award winner 2011

  • OZ Minerals for its commitment to the community around Coober Pedy, as shown by the training and employment opportunities it provides for women and Aboriginal employees, at operational and senior level, and for its highly-successful pre-employment training programs
    The judges noted OZ Minerals’ clear culture of social inclusion that is embedded right across the organisation and supported by corporate diversity and sustainability policies, strategies and targets.
    Since the inception of its pre-employment training program, more than 50 indigenous and non-indigenous people have graduated from the program. And 80 per cent of those are still working at Prominent Hill.
    OZ Minerals also successfully builds and maintains strong relationships with local businesses in Coober Pedy and the surrounding area, pumping around $12 million into the town and the region last year.