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Copper strategy theme 2: Developing innovative infrastructure, services and research

News release
On 12 September 2017 Hon Kyam Maher MLC, Minister for Science and Information Economy

Theme 2 considers three broad approaches to leverage the growth of the South Australian copper sector into an expanded role for local businesses within the global commodities and mining services market:

  • Develop innovative and strategic infrastructure
    Adequate infrastructure such as sustainable power, water, rail, road and port facilities is necessary to provide the required inputs for exploration, mine development and operation and export.
  • Enhance focus on commercial research and its application
    Collaboration between South Australia's mining industry, research organisations and suppliers will ensure the continued development of technologies and globally competitive services across the copper value chain - from exploration, through mine development and processing, to marketing and engagement.
  • Build services capability
    The copper strategy will link with the METS sector programs underway in South Australia with a focus on the copper industry, the PACE Supply Chain Development program and Mining and Petroleum Services Centre of Excellence to create a platform for the increased communication and collaboration to solve the challenges the industry faces and create supply opportunities.

International Copper Technology and Research Hub

A major action arising from theme two of the Copper Strategy is to investigate establishing an International Copper Technology and Research Hub (the hub) in South Australia.

The hub will aim to enhance the focus on commercial technology development and its application, thereby accelerating the production and value of copper products from commercial ore bodies and driving global competitiveness

A concept report, released in July 2016, recommends a way to establish the hub based on information provided by key stakeholders.

The second of the recommendations was to create a Copper Development Road Map.

Copper Development Road Map

copper development road mapThe Copper Development Road Map released at the Copper to the World conference on 27 June 2017 outlines the technology and research programs that are critical to delivering on the Copper Strategy, and encourages collaboration between industry, academia and researchers to progress the programs.

Download the Copper Development Road Map (PDF 1.2 MB)

Download Copper Technology Hub concept

Concept report, Stage 1 - July 2016