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Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 28(5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the undermentioned areas.

Community information on mineral exploration licence processes and requirements under the Mining Act 1971

DateApplicant/sLocation Pastoral lease/s Term Area in km2 Reference and map
23 March 2017Cu-River Mining Australia Pty LimitedWarrina North Area - approx. 40 km NE of Coober PedyMount Barry, Ana CreekTwo years5652017/00003 Plan and coordinates (PDF 400 KB)
23 March 2017Kingsbluff Minerals Pty LtdAbminga Station Area - immediately NW of OlaryOutalpa, Abminga, WiaweraTwo years412017/00006 Plan and coordinates (PDF 365 KB)
14 March 2017Yandan Gold Mines Pty LtdMeadows Area - approx. 35 km southeast of Adelaiden/aTwo years1012016/00017 Plan and coordinates (PDF 422 KB)
14 March 2017Menninnie Metals Pty LtdMenninnie Dam Area - approx. 50 km north of KimbaUno, NonningTwo years1012016/00102 Plan and coordinates (PDF 248 KB)
14 March 2017Outback Marble Company (Aust) Pty LtdBoolooroo Goldfield Area - approx. 25 km northeast of Leigh CreekLeigh Creek, Burr WellThree years622016/00151 Plan and coordinates (PDF 271 KB)
14 March 2017Magnetite Mines LimitedBimbowrie Area - approx. 17 km NNW of Olaryn/aTwo years232016/00179 Plan and coordinates (PDF 351 KB)
14 March 2017Archer Energy & Resources Pty LtdBeltana Station Area - approx. 35 km southwest of Leigh CreekBeltana, NilpenaTwo years3192017/00008 Plan and coordinates (PDF 536 KB)
14 March 2017Curnamona Energy Limited Yalkalpo East Area - approx. 180 km northeast of OlaryQuinyambie Two years772017/00014 Plan and coordinates (PDF 357 KB)
14 March 2017Curnamona Energy LimitedBilleroo Area - approx. 100 km north of OlaryFrome Downs, Billeroo West, Kalabity, MooleuloolooTwo years1292017/00015 Plan and coordinates (PDF 265 KB)
14 March 2017Curnamona Energy LimitedMoolawatana Area - approx 160 km northeast of Leigh CreekMoolawatana, Frome DownsTwo years1962017/00016 Plan and coordinates (PDF 372 KB)
7 March 2017Copper Range (SA) Pty LtdAndamooka Station-Pernatty Lagoon Area – approx. 60 km south of AndamookaArcoona, PernattyTwo years1202016/00026 Plan and coordinates (PDF 648 KB)
7 March 2017Havilah Resources LimitedWompinie Area – approx. 225 km ENE of PeterboroughMundie Mundie, Mutooroo, Wompinie, Bindarrah, Boolcoomata, Pine CreekTwo years1392017/00001 Plan and coordinates (PDF 541 KB)
7 March 2017Sathya Holdings Pty LimitedMount Victor Station area – approx. 115 km northeast of PeterboroughKoonamore, Mount Victor, FlorinaTwo years1712017/00007 Plan and coordinates (PDF 446 KB)
7 March 2017Minotaur Operations Pty LtdMutooroo area – approx. 45 km southeast of OlaryOulnina, Mutooroo, TepcoThree years2432017/00009 Plan and coordinates (PDF 366 KB)
7 March 2017BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdNorth Roxby Downs area – approx. 60 km northwest of AndamookaBilla Kalina, Stuart CreekTwo years3682017/00011 Plan and coordinates (PDF 561 KB)
7 March 2017BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdAcropolis South area – approx. 50 km southwest of AndamookaRoxby Downs, Purple Downs, AndamookaTwo years3082017/00012 Plan and coordinates (PDF 542 KB)
28 February 2017Western Areas LimitedYalata area – approx. 215 km northwest of Cedunan/aTwo years7662014/00252 Plan and coordinates (PDF 456 KB)
28 February 2017Havilah Resources LimitedCoonarbine area – approx. 145 km north of OlaryQuinyanbie, Frome DownsTwo years6192016/00088 Plan and coordinates (PDF 408 KB)
28 February 2017Rodolfo Antonio Gomez, CASA Management (SA) Pty LtdLake Johnstone area – approx. 190 km northwest of Port AugustaWirraminnaTwo years472016/00121 Plan and coordinates (PDF 255 KB)
28 February 2017Kelaray Pty LtdWest Lake Torrens area – approx. 80 km northeast of WoomeraBosworth, PernattyTwo years7942016/00126 Plan and coordinates (PDF 447 KB)
28 February 2017Kelaray Pty LtdMurdie Island area – approx. 65 km southwest of Leigh Creekn/aTwo years2212016/00135 Plan and coordinates (PDF 364 KB)
28 February 2017Curnamona Energy LimitedJacks Find area – approx. 140 km north of OlaryQuinyambie, MulyungarieTwo years1032016/00164 Plan and coordinates (PDF 215 KB)
28 February 2017Curnamona Energy LimitedThurlooka area – approx. 230 km east of Leigh CreekQuinyambie, MulyungarieTwo years2212016/00165 Plan and coordinates (PDF 381 KB)
28 February 2017Nasaco Holdings Pty LtdTaratap area – approx. 75 km northwest of Naracoorten/aOne year2982016/00167 Plan and coordinates (PDF 361 KB)
28 February 2017Gawler Resources Pty LtdOlary area – immediately south of OlaryWeekeroo, Oulnina, Wiawera, Wadnaminga, Tikalina, Devonborough DownsTwo years4922016/00172 Plan and coordinates (PDF 579 KB)
28 February 2017Musgrave Minerals LimitedEunyarinna Hill area – approx. 180 km west northwest of Marlan/aTwo years23912016/00181 Plan and coordinates (PDF 363 KB)
23 February 2017Yukuang Australia (WA) Resources Pty Ltd & Lion One Australia Pty LtdMutooroo area - approximately 50 km south of OlaryMutooroo, OulninaTwo years692015/00224 Plan and coordinates (PDF 236 KB)
23 February 2017Munta Salt Pty LtdCharlinga area - approximately 65 km northwest of Port AugustaYudnapinna, Kootaberra, Oakden HillTwo years4312016/00083 Plan and coordinates (PDF 348 KB)
23 February 2017Marmota LimitedMulgathing area - approximately 130 km southwest of Coober PedyCommonwealth Hill, MulgathingTwo years4062016/00133 Plan and coordinates (PDF 302 KB)
23 February 2017Alliance Craton Explorer Pty LtdMoseley Nobs area - approximately 35 km north of KimbaUnoTwo years842016/00144 Plan and coordinates (PDF 327 KB)
23 February 2017BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Corporation Pty LtdStuart Shelf area - approximately 70 km northeast of WoomeraMulgaria, Stuart Creek, Andamooka, Bosworth, Roxby Downs, Purple Downs, ArcoonaTwo years17662016/00157 Plan and coordinates (PDF 433 KB)
23 February 2017SA Exploration Pty LtdWhyte-Yarcowie area - approximately 25 km east of Jamestownn/aTwo years3042016/00158 Plan and coordinates (PDF 474 KB)
23 February 2017Daktyloi Metals Pty LtdMount Caernarvon area - approximately 120 km south of Leigh CreekMannawarra, PrelinnaTwo years1462016/00163 Plan and coordinates (PDF 485 KB)
23 February 2017PNX Metals LimitedMount Cone area - approximately 10 km northeast of Burran/aTwo years3002016/00166 Plan and coordinates (PDF 320 KB)
23 February 2017THZ Pty LtdWirrappa area - approximately 15 km southeast of WoomeraArcoonaOne year412016/00168 Plan and coordinates (PDF 285 KB)
23 February 2017Peninsula Resources LimitedMinnipa area - approximately 80 km east of Streaky Bayn/aTwo years1842016/00171 Plan and coordinates (PDF 505 KB)
23 February 2017Iluka Resources LimitedOoldea Range area - approximately 210 km northwest of Cedunan/aTwo years15972016/00174 Plan and coordinates (PDF 333 KB)
23 February 2017Doray Minerals LimitedPureba area - approximately 90 km east of CedunaPinjarraTwo years4092016/00176 Plan and coordinates (PDF 444 KB)
23 February 2017Doray Minerals LimitedYantanabie area - approximately 60 km northeast of Streaky Bayn/aTwo years932016/00177 Plan and coordinates (PDF 440 KB)
23 February 2017OZM Carrapateena Pty Ltd & OZ Minerals Carrapateena Pty LtdLake Torrens South area - approximately 80 km north of Port AugustaSouth Gap, KootaberraThree years2322016/00178 Plan and coordinates (PDF 380 KB)
23 February 2017South Australian Iron Ore Group Pty LtdTumby Bay area - approximately 50 km northeast of Port Lincolnn/aTwo years2152016/00180 Plan and coordinates (PDF 597 KB)