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BHP's planned Olympic Dam expansion to increase output of copper ¦ Amendments to exclusion periods for WPA access zones, issued February 2019 ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 28(5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the undermentioned areas.

Community information on mineral exploration licence processes and requirements under the Mining Act 1971

DateApplicant/sLocation Pastoral lease/sTerm Area in km2 Reference and map
17 January 2019Heathgate Resources Pty LtdMount Lyndhurst area - approx. 80 km NE of Leigh CreekMount LyndhurstTwo years1252018/00212 Plan and coordinates (PDF 237 KB)
17 January 2019Heathgate Resources Pty LtdMurnpeowie area - approx. 120 km NE of Leigh CreekMount Lyndhurst, MurnpeowieTwo years8192018/00213 Plan and coordinates (PDF 208 KB)
17 January 2019Heathgate Resources Pty LtdMurnpeowie area - approx. 150 km NNE of Leigh CreekMurnpeowieTwo years2632018/00214 Plan and coordinates (PDF 200 KB)
17 January 2019Heathgate Resources Pty LtdWooltana area - approx. 150 km ENE of Leigh CreekFrome Downs, Moolawatana, WooltanaTwo years4802018/00215 Plan and coordinates (PDF 279 KB)
20 December 2018SA Cobalt Pty LtdEdiacara area - approx. 40 km southwest of Leigh CreekNilpena, BeltanaTwo years6462018/00163 Plan and coordinates (PDF 229 KB)
20 December 2018Challenger Gold Mine Operations Pty Ltd (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (Administrators Appointed)Barton West area - approx. 210 km WNW of Tarcoola-Two years1462018/00166 Plan and coordinates (PDF 224 KB)
20 December 2018Terramin Exploration Pty LtdMount Torrens area - approx. 40 km east of Adelaide-Two years932018/00181 Plan and coordinates (PDF 544 KB)
20 December 2018Tigers Dominion Group Pty LtdMcDouall Peak area - approx. 95 km SE of Coober PedyAnna Creek, McDouall PeakTwo years1372018/00182 Plan and coordinates (PDF 412 KB)
13 December 2018Copar Resources Pty LtdNarrina area - approx. 200 km NE of Port AugustaMulga View, Wertaloona, Pinda Springs, Agnorichina, Gum Creek, Alpana, Mount FalklandTwo years9652018/00151 Plan and coordinates (PDF 405 KB)
13 December 2018Variscan Mines LimitedLake Callabonna area - approx. 200 km east of MarreeFrome Downs, Moolawatana, QuinyambieTwo years1782018/00165 Plan and coordinates (PDF 315 KB)
13 December 2018Havilah Resources LimitedLake Charles area - approx. 120 km NNE of OlaryMulyungarie, QuinyambieTwo years3222018/00169 Plan and coordinates (PDF 183 KB)
13 December 2018Red Tiger Resources LimitedIntercept Hill area - approx. 30 km NE of WoomeraArcoonaThree years4232018/00172 Plan and coordinates (PDF 196 KB)
13 December 2018PNX Metals LimitedBurra area - approx. 140 km NNE of Adelaide-Two years842018/00175 Plan and coordinates (PDF 170 KB)
13 December 2018PNX Metals LimitedMongolata area - approx. 15 km NE of Burra-Two years602018/00176 Plan and coordinates (PDF 182 KB)
6 December 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdRoxby Downs Station area - approx. 40 km west of AndamookaBilla Kalina, Roxby Downs, Suart CreekTwo years892018/00167 Plan and coordinates (PDF 284 KB)
6 December 2018Riversgold (Australia) Pty LtdWirraminna area - approx. 30 km west of WoomeraWirraminnaOne year472018/00168 Plan and coordinates (PDF 252 KB)
6 December 2018Yandan Gold Mines Pty LtdPernatty area - approx. 110 km northwest of Port AugustaOakden Hills, PernattyTwo years792018/00170 Plan and coordinates (PDF 295 KB)
6 December 2018Macallum Group LtdAnna Creek area -approx. 200 km east of Coober PedyAnna CreekTwo years8292018/00173 Plan and coordinates (PDF 259 KB)
6 December 2018Macullum Group LtdAnna Creek area - approx. 180 km east of Coober PedyAnna Creek Two years8292018/00174 Plan and coordinates (PDF 278 KB)
6 December 2018Ausmex Mining Pty LimitedHansborough area - approx. 50 km northeast of Gawler-Two years1902018/00178 Plan and coordinates (PDF 350 KB)
6 December 2018Yandan Gold Mines Pty LtdCarriewerloo area - approx.  50 km northwest of Port AugustaCarriewerloo, Illeroo, Kootaberra, Pandurra, YudnapinnaTwo years3082018/00179 Plan and coordinates (PDF 358 KB)
6 December 2018Ausmex Mining Pty LimitedTarlee area, approx. 10 km northwest of Kapunda-Two years1992018/00180 Plan and coordinates (PDF 341 KB)