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An early conceptual model

Gawler Craton 3D model location mapThe Geological Survey’s early 3D modelling trials targeted the Gawler Craton Region. The process of building the Gawler model in 3D Geomodeller began with identifying the statigraphic units that were to be modelled. Due to the regional scale of the project, the stratigraphic pile represents packages of units aggregated into single units.  Stratigraphic pile and contact relationship between units (erosive or onlapping) are further parameters used by 3D GeoModeller for model interpolation.

Geomodeller uses kriging interpolators to compute a three dimensional model, utilising the rules of stratigraphic pile as well as conformable and erosional contact of units as defined by the modeller.

The completed model displays 3D objects representing the major stratigraphic units within the Curnamona Province.

Gawler Craton 3D model 

Gawler Craton 3D Model

Note: these models are presented as a 'proof of concept' only and their accuracy (spatial or otherwise) should not be relied upon for exploration or other decision making processes.

Publication Date: June 2007

For more information, contact:

George Gouthas
Project Geoscientist
+61 8 8463 3073