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Mapping structural permeability in Australian Basins by integrating borehole. seismic and  magnetotelluric datasets.

The most viable geothermal resources in Australia are likely to be deep targets that require structural permeability. That is, containing faults and fractures which provide conduits for subsurface fluid flow in otherwise low permeability rocks insufficient for mass movement of fluid.

For this reason, the ARENA Structural Permeability Map project has focused on mapping faults and fractures in 4D with the intention of making the data available to researchers and industry later this year. The maps will be incorporated into the Australian Permeability Map website and will provide a tool to help define workflows for understanding the structural permeability of a target ahead of drilling.
The beta version of the website will be showcased at the Workshop.

Friday 29 September, 09:30 - 14:30, University of Adelaide, Lower Napier LG24

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