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South Australia’s minerals industry presents significant opportunities for investors and communities to benefit

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The global demand for South Australian mineral resources remains high and major international companies, mid-caps and juniors continue to operate and invest in the South Australian resources industry.

Investors and other stakeholders are presented with significant opportunities and benefits across the industry value chain.

Mineral exploration in South Australia

Mineral exploration commodity report 2017 Mineral Exploration in South Australia 2017: Commodity report (PDF 24.7 MB) provides:

  • mineral resources and production for major mines and developing projects by commodity
  • detailed company exploration data releases, outlining successful discovery of a diverse range of mineral commodities
  • comprehensive statistical analysis of mineral exploration expenditure in South Australia
  • an overview of the opportunities for investors.

Pages from the 2017 Exploration Review

South Australia Mining Investment Guide

South Australia Mining Investment GuideThe South Australia Mining Investment Guide (PDF 4.8 KB) provides an overview of the state's world-class, long-life mineral assets and the opportunities they present for international investment.

The guide outlines investment opportunities at four stages of the mineral resources value chain:

  • Exploration
  • Project development
  • Production
  • Rehabilitation

For more information, contact:

Peta Abbot
Principal Minerals Industry Analyst

+61 8 8463 3066