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Coompana Drilling and Geochemistry - precompetitive geoscience data releases ¦  Statute Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018 introduced into Parliament ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 ¦ Regulatory Guideline MG2b PEPR for metallic and industrial minerals - updated guidance on measurement criteria

The Australian Earth Sciences Convention (AESC), held in Adelaide, South Australia from 26-30 June 2016, showcased the latest geoscience research from the Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) and partners.

GSSA presentations and posters

Theme: Deep earth geodynamics

Stephan Thiel
Mantle fertility and mineral systems: insights from AusLAMP across the Gawler Craton (PDF 3.5MB)

Theme: Earth science for energy

Elinor Alexander
An overview of the petroleum systems of South Australian basins (PDF 4.4MB)

Betina Bendall
Australian experiences in EGS permeability enhancement: a review of three case studies (PDF 1.2MB)

Theme: Tectonics of the planet

Rian Dutch
Is southern Australia bent? Recognition of a contiguous paleoproterozoic magmatic arc along the western margin of the Mawson Continent (PDF 3.2MB)

Elizabeth Jagodzinski
Precise zircon U-Pb dating of a Mesoproterozoic silicic large igneous province: the Gawler Range Volcanics and Benagerie Volcanic Suite, South Australia (PDF 3.7MB)

Stacey McAvaney
The Kalinjala Shear Zone: intracontinental shear zone or paleosuture? (PDF 3.3MB)

Mark Pawley
Finding closure: multiple stages of Musgravian-aged deformation in the eastern Musgrave Province (PDF 3.5MB)

Anthony Reid (keynote presentation)
Mineral prospectivity and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of Proterozoic mobile belts: an example from the Gawler Craton (PDF 5.3MB)

Claire Wade
Paleoproterozoic syn-tectonic magmatism, South Australia: tectonic implications (PDF 2.9MB)

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Wayne Cowley (with S McAvaney and C Wade)
Abandonment of the Paleoproterozoic Lincoln Complex, Gawler Craton, South Australia (PDF 14.2MB)

Claire Wade (with M Sheard, A Reid and E Jagodzinski)
Mid-Devonian basaltic magmatism and associated sedimentation, central-eastern South Australia: the Ooloo Hill Formation, an intracontinental back-arc basin (PDF 3.7MB)

Mario Werner (with C Krapf, S McAvaney and A Fabris)
Newly discovered occurrences of the Paney Rhyolite and associated volcaniclastic deposits, Mount Friday and Mount Double areas, Gawler Range Volcanic Province (PDF 5.6MB)

Theme: Mineral endowment

Betina Bendall
Insights into the nature and extent of sedimentary basins underlying the Eucla Basin from reprocessing and interpretation of the 13GA-EG1 Eucla-Gawler seismic survey (PDF 3.0MB)

Rian Dutch (keynote presentation)
What lies beneath the Nullarbor Plain? Insights into the geology of the Coompana Province from deep crustal seismic reflection profile 13GA-EG1 (PDF 4.6MB)

Adrian Fabris
Regional to deposit scale geochemical and spectral footprints of the ~1.6Ga thermal event in the eastern Gawler Craton: a case study from the Punt Hill region, South Australia (PDF 3.2MB)

Adrian Fabris
Mineral systems of the southern margin of the Gawler Range Volcanics - outcomes of the Mineral Systems Drilling Program, South Australia (PDF 8.6MB)
More information about the Mineral Systems Drilling Program

Georgina Gordon
Infrared analysis of drill cores from the Paris silver prospect, South Australia (PDF 4.1MB)

Philip Heath and Lazlo Katona
Gravity gridding in South Australia (PDF 10.4MB)

Steve Hill
Taking exploration geochemistry to greater depths: towards 4D landscape geochemistry of Australia's cover (PDF 6.3MB)

Tony Hill
HyLogging unconventional petroleum core from the Cooper Basin, South Australia (PDF 8.3MB)

John Keeling
Cariewerloo Basin: spectral approach to mapping mineral diagenesis as a guide to fluid flow and unconformity-related uranium potential (PDF 2.9MB)

Alan Mauger (keynote presentation)
Hyperspectral applications in economic geology - Case study: Alteration at the Olympic Dam IOCG-U deposit (PDF 5.0MB)

Stephan Thiel
Linking Western and South Australia: insights from magnetotelluric profiling (PDF 5.6MB)

Simon van der Wielen
3D mineral maps from HyLogger data (PDF 3.3MB)

Tom Wise
What lies beneath the western Gawler Craton? Interpretations and implications from deep crustal seismic reflection profile 13GA-EG1E (PDF 2.1MB)

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Baohong Hou (with J Keeling and BS van Gosen)
Geological and exploration models of beach placer deposits integrated from case-studies of southern Australia (PDF 25.0MB)

Tom Wise
Geological Interpretation of the Gawler Craton section of the Eucla-Gawler Seismic Line (13GA-EG1E) (PDF 8.1MB))

Tom Wise
Geological Interpretation of the Madura Province section of the Eucla-Gawler Seismic Line (13GA-EG1) (PDF 14.7MB)

Tom Wise
Geological Interpretation of the Coompana Province section of the Eucla-Gawler Seismic Line (13GA-EG1) (PDF 14.3MB)