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Coompana Drilling and Geochemistry - precompetitive geoscience data releases ¦  Statute Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018 introduced into Parliament ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 ¦ Regulatory Guideline MG2b PEPR for metallic and industrial minerals - updated guidance on measurement criteria

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Author(s) Poster title
Davies M PACE Copper 2016-2017 (PDF 9.0MB)
Gouthas G, Cowley WM and Buxton P Characterising the cover: Crystalline basement and time-slice GIS datasets for South Australia (PDF 20.3MB)
Hough J South Australian Dimension Stone (PDF 9.0MB)
Katona LF A new approach to gravity gridding: supervised variable density (PDF 9.3MB)
Katona LF, Heath PJ, Keeping TJ and Reed GD Bouguer Gravity of South Australia, 2016 edition (PDF 6.3MB)
Keeling JL, Reid AJ, Hou B and Pobjoy R Zircon in Murray Basin heavy mineral sand deposits: provenance, dispersion and concentration (PDF 13.1MB)
Keeping TJ, Reed GD, Heath PJ and Katona LF Total Magnetic Intensity of South Australia, 2016 edition (PDF 9.8MB)
Krapf CBE, Irvine J and Ragless JA New mineral resource potential maps for the Upper Spencer Gulf Region (PDF 8.7MB)
Michael U and Katona L The Gawler Craton Airborne Survey: a community information website (PDF 10.0MB)
Michaelsen B, Fabris AJ, Keeling JL, McKirdy D, Katona L and Tucker L Sandstone-hosted uranium, Callabonna Sub-basin: What and where are the uranium reductants? (PDF 21.8MB)
Reed, GD, Keeping TJ, Heath PJ and Katona LF Radiometrics of South Australia, 2016 Version (PDF 9.4MB)
Thiel S, Reid AJ and Heinson G AusLAMP MT illuminates mantle fertility and mineral systems across the Gawler Craton, South Australia (PDF 15.6MB)
van der Wielen SE and Gouthas G The South Australian Geophysical Reference Model (PDF 25.4MB)
Wise TW Geological Interpretation of the Coompana Province section of the Eucla-Gawler Seismic Line (13GA-EG1E) (PDF 12.3MB)
Wise TW Geological Interpretation of the Gawler Craton section of the Eucla-Gawler Seismic Line (13GA-EG1) (PDF 12.7MB)


Author(s) Report Book title RB number
Conor CHH Geological field excursion guide — IOCGs — where it all began: the Moonta-Wallaroo region of the eastern Gawler Craton RB 2016/00009
Dutch RA, Pawley MJ, Wise TW (compilers); Holzschuh J, Reid AJ, Kennett BLN, vander Wielen SE, Doublier MP and Thiel S What lies beneath the western Gawler Craton? [Eucla-Gawler Seismic Survey line] 13GA-EG1E Seismic and Magnetotelluric Workshop 2015. Extended abstracts [of technical presentations] RB 2015/00029
Jagodzinski EA and Reid AJ U-Pb geochronological data from drill holes Nundroo 3 DDH and Nundroo 2 DDH, Fowler Domain, western Gawler Craton RB 2016/00010
Keeling JL, Reid AJ, Hou B and Pobjoy R Provenance of zircon in heavy mineral sand deposits, western Murray Basin RB 2015/00031
Krapf CBE, McAvaney SO, Werner MX and Pawley MJ Mineral Systems Drilling Program Rock Shack - [a pictorial catalogue of the] outcrop sample collection for the MSDP southern Gawler Ranges margin RB 2016/00024
Krapf CBE, Morris PA and Sheard MJ Techniques in regolith and landscape mapping: course materials for the Australian Earth Sciences Convention - Workshop 8, which was held on 1st July 2016 RB 2016/00015
McAvaney SO, Werner MX, Pawley MJ, Krapf CBE and Nicolson BE Geology of the Six Mile Hill 1:75 000 Special Edition Map Sheet RB 2016/00014
McGowran B, Lemon NM, Preiss WV and Olliver JG Cenozoic Willunga Embayment: from Australo-Antarctic Gulf to Sprigg Orogeny RB 2016/00008
Milnes AR, Benbow MC, Robertson RS and Wright MJ Excursion guide, silcrete field workshop, South Australia, August 19-30, 1985 (Revised edition, 2016) RB 86/00058 (Revised edition, 2016)
Pawley MJ and Krapf CBE Investigating the potential for bedrock aquifers in the APY Lands RB 2016/00021
Preiss WV and Cowley WM Geological field excursion guide — Rifts, reverse faults and regolith: Neoproterozoic to Cenozoic geology in the Mid-North of South Australia RB 2016/00013
Reid AJ (compiler) Geological Survey of South Australia Discovery Day 2016: presentation abstracts and posters RB 2016/00032
Reid AJ, Pawley MJ, Jagodzinski EA and Dutch RA Magmatic processes of the St Peter Suite, Gawler Craton: New U-Pb geochronological data and field observations RB 2016/00012
Roche MT and Werner MX Geological field excursion guide — Clare Valley rocks - the earth beneath our vines RB 2016/00020
Sheard MJ, Bowman GM, Wade CE and Phillips SE Modbury North Catena Study in metropolitan Adelaide: geology, regolith, soils and gilgai; their mineralogy, geochemistry, landscape evolution, geomechanics, and implications for civil engineering RB 2015/00028
van der Wielen SE, Fabris AJ, Mauger AJ, Gordon G, Keeling JL and Giles D South Australian Spectral Database RB 2016/00023

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