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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review | Central Eyre Iron Project mining lease approved

Published July 2017

SARIG’s premier appeal grows as big data resource
More accolades roll in for the new-look SARIG big data digital platform – winning a leading technology award as it caters for a growing, diverse audience.

South Australia takes Copper to the World
South Australia has stamped its authority as a rising copper powerhouse with the hosting of a highly successful international Copper to the World conference on 27 June.

Mining Acts review update
A series of documents have been publicly released summarising responses under consideration as part of the South Australian Government’s Leading Practice Mining Acts Review.

New land use framework for South Australia
An inaugural South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework supports access to land – critical to the state's long-term sustainability and international competitiveness.

Uncovering a renewed Geological Survey of South Australia
A strategic restructure of the Geological Survey has resulted in creation of new teams and management, new staff positions and a net reduction in staff and function.

Status update on AusLAMP deployment
Acquisition of the South Australian component of the national magnetotelluric AusLAMP dataset continues to provide valuable precompetitive data on the state’s mineral prospectivity.

Coompana Gravity Survey: download now
The PACE Copper initiative Coompana Gravity Survey provides an exciting new insight into the buried basement geology of the Coompana Province.

South Australia gravity gets better
An innovative methodology for producing regional gravity maps from ground-station data creates a superior quality Bouguer gravity image of South Australia.

Mineral and energy resources compliance reports released
South Australia’s mineral and energy resource sectors are important contributors to our living standards and are developed to operate with the highest standards to minimise the footprint of operations.

Resources – shaping our social landscape for the better
The Premier’s Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy have once again highlighted how many resource companies reach above and beyond.

Copper to the World
South Australia’s copper endowment and leadership in Australian copper production makes it a natural fit to host the inaugural Copper to the World conference.

Uncover Curnamona 2017
The latest geoscience exploration and research in the Curnamona Province will be on show in July at this year’s Uncover Curnamona conference.

PACE: contributing to the South Australian Energy Plan
PACE Gas grants and the new PACE Royalty Return Program are important contributors to the state government’s recently announced South Australian Energy Plan to assist South Australia to take charge of its own energy future.

Petroleum exploration acreage release in the South East
In the ongoing effort to secure more gas for the state, the South Australian Government has announced a new acreage release in the Otway Basin.

Fossil emblem celebrates first animal life on earth
South Australia’s new Ediacaran fossil emblem provides a tangible link to the state’s rich geological past and to its future as a home for ecotourism and geotourism.

Benchmarking to combat dust
With dust the number one source of community complaints from mining and quarrying operations – welcome news is a global study looking at the latest regulatory and technical approaches to tackle the issue.

Eminent South Australian geologist continues to contribute
Having carved out an illustrious career in geoscience Dr Wolfgang Preiss intends to continue sharing his expertise and knowledge.

PDAC: putting South Australia’s best resources forward
Once again, this premier global mining and investment convention proved to be a key event to promote investment in South Australia’s resource sector and foster partnerships.

Head of Minerals sees a bright future for South Australia
With a distinguished record of achievements in the resource sector spanning 46 years, outgoing Mineral Resources Executive Director Ted Tyne is positive about the sector outlook.

The future of mineral exploration comes to South Australia: field trial of coiled tubing drilling rig
The South Australian Government’s partnership with the Deep Exploration Technologies CRC has been about the collaborative journey towards transforming mineral exploration in areas of deeply covered geology.

Gawler Craton Airborne Survey in full swing
New data being acquired from the world’s largest high-resolution airborne geophysical and terrain imaging program will be fundamental in reinterpreting the geological structure of the Gawler Craton.

Parliamentary inquiry into unconventional gas fracking
A recently concluded two-year investigation into fracture stimulation found there was no reason to ban its use in South Australia.

Copper to the World – Delivering SA’s Copper Strategy
South Australia’s copper endowment will be the focus of much global attention during the state’s inaugural Copper to the World conference.

New-look SARIG raises the bar to unlock South Australia’s resource wealth
South Australia’s world-leading digital platform for unlocking the wealth of our resources, SARIG, has been expanded to deliver a breadth of information in a modern, user-friendly format.

Tarcoola strikes gold as first haul meets the challenge
The historic goldfield township of Tarcoola has a new lease of life following the official opening of South Australia’s newest gold mine in December 2016.

Inspiring careers in the geosciences
Specialist short courses recently hosted at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library’s first-class facilities inspire students in the pursuit of geoscience careers.

Don't let gravity escape your attention
The Geological Survey of South Australia is always looking for ways to assist prospectors to track down South Australia’s precious resources.

Make a good decision and book into copper seminars
When it comes to driving better business outcomes, don’t underestimate the pay-off from investing the time and space to make sound decisions.

PACE Copper: accelerating exploration and discovery
The South Australian Government's $20 million PACE Copper initiative is focused on capturing precompetitive data with the aim of bringing forward mineral discoveries in the state.

Discovery Day paints bright exploration vision
The vibrant nature of the geological community and its work in South Australia is helping to launch a new exploration era in South Australia.

Composite 3D seismic time slice images of the Cooper Basin
Explorers can now gain new insights into the geology and structure of the Cooper Basin following the release of a dataset of 3D seismic time slice images.

SA Drill Core Reference Library proves a winner
Accolades continue to roll in for the new South Australia Drill Core Reference Library at the Tonsley innovation district.

Securing Upper Spencer Gulf region's resources
New mineral resource potential maps of the Upper Spencer Gulf region identify significant mineral resource and mine operation areas to assist with land use planning.

Foundation set for growth
The South Australian stage is set for a stellar 2017 primed for discoveries and initiatives that will take our resources sector to the next level, delivering benefits for all.

Shape South Australia's mining future now
Contribute to shaping the future of our mineral resources and quarrying industries and have your say on improvements to our framework of mining laws.

PACE Gas: securing South Australia's gas supply
Applications are open for $24 million in grants to incentivise companies to extract more gas and supply it to the South Australian market.

Compelling Carrapateena
The Carrapateena copper–gold project is a brilliant example of the stimulus the PACE exploration initiative has made towards unlocking South Australia’s precious resources.

Drilling tenders open for Coompana greenfield search space
Tenders are now open for drilling service providers to apply for a $3 million drilling contract to open up a new exploration frontier in South Australia’s Far West.

South Australia goes for gold
South Australia’s gold inventory is to be boosted in 2017 with new mines producing, projects progressing and new technology accelerating golden opportunities.

Regolith map of the southern Gawler Ranges margin
The newly released regolith map of the southern Gawler Ranges margin provides useful precompetitive data to assist with exploration of this emerging mineral province.

New digital MESA Journal with monthly updates
The new digital format has provided us with exciting opportunities to enhance reader experience.

24/7 access to the Mining Register
This search tool, supported by SARIG, provides access to key information contained within the state’s Mining Register.

MSDP - changing the way we explore
The Mineral Systems Drilling Program (MSDP) in South Australia is pioneering a smarter way of unlocking the secrets of a frontier geological setting under cover that promises to change the way the world explores for minerals.

Copper shines in state exports
The South Australian Copper Strategy, launched earlier this year, is already on the money with copper leading growth in state exports.