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BHP's planned Olympic Dam expansion to increase output of copper ¦ Amendments to exclusion periods for WPA access zones, issued February 2019 ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000

2018 Review of the WPA Coexistence Framework

An opportunity to determine a contemporary coexistence framework that better balances national security and economic interests in the Woomera Prohibited Area.

The Woomera Prohibited Area.
The Woomera Prohibited Area.

On 11 May 2018 the Australian Government formally announced the 2018 Review of the Woomera Prohibited Area Coexistence Framework (‘the Review’) with Dr Gordon De Brouwer PSM, former Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy, leading the Review.

The Review aims to deliver a contemporary coexistence framework that maintains the primacy of Defence use of the WPA while maximising its significant value to South Australia’s resources sector, pastoral operations, Aboriginal communities, and other stakeholders. The Review includes an extensive consultation and regional meetings with all WPA stakeholders throughout May until July, and a public submission process through the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Consultation Hub.

Submissions to the Review are invited from all WPA stakeholders and those with an interest in the WPA coexistence framework. Please submit before 5.00 pm EST on 25 June 2018 to ensure your submission is considered.

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