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Construction sand review

The state’s inventory of construction sands will be reviewed to evaluate deposits and available reserves.

The review will assess current supplies and the identified resources for both Greater Metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia, complementing and building on the previous evaluation conducted in 2000. It will be undertaken by the Geological Survey of South Australia in consultation with the sand mining industry.

Construction materials are essential components for the development of metropolitan and rural projects, and ensuring availability of and access to competitively priced supplies is a priority for South Australia. In comparison to other mineral commodities, these products can have very low unit costs, however, there is often a requirement for substantial quantities; proximity and availability of supply make them significant economic components.

Construction sands include sands for concrete, mortar, plastering, packing and general filling and occur in natural deposits, typically requiring minimal processing such as screening and washing.

The demand for construction sand across the Greater Metropolitan Adelaide area for 2016 was around 2.5 million tonnes (Mt), having declined from a peak of more than 3.6 Mt in 2009, the majority coming from a range of Tertiary-aged deposits. Regional demand around South Australia accounted for approximately 0.28 Mt supplied in 2016.

A survey will be circulated to industry shortly. The review is expected to be completed during the first half of 2018.

For more information, contact:
Gus Harvey
+61 8 8226 5849

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