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Leigh Creek Energy project

Invitation for public comment.

Leigh Creek Energy has prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (PDF 15.3 MB) and draft Statement of Environmental Objectives (SEO) (PDF 1.5 MB) for the construction and operation of an in situ coal gasification demonstration plant at Leigh Creek.

The Minster for Mineral Resources and Energy is seeking public comment, under provisions of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, on Leigh Creek Energy’s EIR and draft SEO. All regulated activities conducted under the Act must have an approved SEO in place with which they comply, prepared on the basis of an EIR. The invitation opened on 12 January 2018 and closes at 5 pm on 28 February 2018.

In situ coal gasification (also known as underground coal gasification) converts coal from its solid state into a gaseous form, resulting in the generation of synthesis gas (syngas) containing methane, hydrogen and other valuable components. The syngas can be used to produce electricity directly or further refined into a variety of products including synthetic methane and ammonia.

The demonstration plant will involve establishment of a single gasifier chamber and above-ground infrastructure to produce syngas for a short period (about 2–3 months), so that the syngas composition and performance of the process can be confirmed.

In preparation of the EIR and draft SEO relating to these activities, Leigh Creek Energy commenced an initial stage of targeted stakeholder consultation in June 2017, followed by a presentation to the Adnyamathanha people in October 2017.

For more information and to access the EIR and draft SEO documents go to the Petroleum website.

Frequently asked questions on in situ coal gasification are answered in our Underground coal gasification in South Australia (PDF 335 KB) brochure.

– Michael Malavazos

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