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Download the Demonstration HyLogger dataset for MSDP11 drillhole. GDP 00110

Microgravity surveys to identify potential hidden cavities on the Nullabor (PDF 3.5 MB)
Philip Heath, George Gouthas, Jonathon  Irvine, Carmen Krapf and Rian Dutch
Geological Survey of South Australia
Report Book 2017/00021

The survey area is located on the Nullarbor Plain in the southwestern-most part of South Australia adjacent to the Western Australia border. Geologically it is part of the Eucla Basin, which overlies the Coompana basement province.

The microgravity surveys were undertaken on the COOMPANA 1:250 map sheet on the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia in February/March and April/May 2017. The results have been collated into a single dataset.

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Minerals Regulatory Guideline

Regulatory guideline: Mineral exploration reporting guidelines for South AustraliaMG13 Mineral exploration reporting guidelines for South Australia (PDF 538 KB)
Includes new requirement for an 'Annual expenditure report on mineral exploration licence', replacing the previous six-monthly 'Summary report'

Earth Resources Information Sheet

M60 Mineral exploration licence monthly activity May 2017 (PDF 5.9 MB)
Includes monthly reports from 1 January 2017 until 30 May 2017