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John Mignone, DMITRE Mineral Resources Division Education Officer, receiving the ASEG Lindsay Ingall Memorial Award February 2012 John Mignone, the former Government of South Australia's Mineral Resources Division Community Education Officer, was awarded the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists' prestigious and rarely presented Lindsay Ingall Memorial Award in February 2012 to recognise his promotion of geophysics to students and the wider community. This was the first time the Society had presented an award to a non-member.

The Lindsay Ingall Memorial Award honours the memory of Lindsay Ingall, acknowledged for his capacity to cross geoscience boundaries and for his enduring commitment to assist geoscientists across Australia.

For his services to the community in resource education, John has also been awarded the Centenary Medal for Education in 2001 and South Australia’s Science Communication Award in 1999. His creativity and insights in producing the educational package – Resources working for the Right Balance, was honoured with an Australian Gold Serif Award in 1997.

"John’s activity and influence has international reach. He has taught countless thousands of students. Many current geologists,geophysicists and environmentalists were inspired by him in their early lives and now work around the world,” Charles Moore, Director of Resource Information said.

John’s work has involved visits to schools throughout South Australia to teach the fun of learning geology and geophysics, as well as the interaction between resource activities, communities and the environment.