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Understanding dryland farming

Understanding dryland farming: information for mineral explorers in South Australia (PDF 10.0 MB)
Information for the mineral exploration industry in South Australia to assist with an understanding of farm businesses' needs and imperatives - a companion report to Understanding mineral exploration (see below)

Understanding mineral exploration

Understanding mineral exploration: information for farm businesses and the community in South Australia (PDF 13.6 MB)
Information for farm businesses in South Australia to assist with a mutual understanding of each other's needs and imperatives - a companion report to Understanding dryland farming (see above).

Landowner rightsLandowners' rights and what they should expect from a company considering exploration for minerals on the landowner's property

Landowner interaction in the minerals value chainAn illustration of the stages throughout the mineral values chain where mineral exploration and mining companies interact with landowners (JPG). Also shown is the Government of South Australia's Mineral Resources Division involvement across the value chain.

Code of practice for community & stakeholder engagement

Community engagement tools from the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME)

SACOME Code of Practice for Community and Stakeholder Engagement (PDF 6.1 MB)
Developed in partnership with the Government of South Australia's Mineral and Energy Resources Divisions and Community Engagement Group Australia, the Code outlines a framework
and principles to assist companies develop their community engagement strategy.

SACOME Code of Conduct for Mineral and Energy Explorers (PDF 11.5 MB)
This Code, with endorsement from Primary Producers South Australia, provides a framework for mineral and energy explorers accessing rural land.

MRGMG4MG4 Guidelines: landowner rights and access arrangements in relation to mineral exploration and mining in South Australia (PDF 5.0 MB)

Revised July 2014
Developed as a joint initiative with the Government of South Australia's Mineral Resources Division, the SA Arid Lands Natural Resource Management Board and the SA Pastoral Board