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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review - Statutes Amendment Bill released | South Australia's Magnetite Strategy launched

Building relationships between Aboriginal communities, explorers and government

Stronger partners, stronger futures


  • First video produced through the Mineral Resources Division's Stronger Partners Stronger Futures program published - Ngadjuri Contact First
  • Outcomes of Co-designing the Future Workshop held in October 2017 to bring together parties actively engaged in negotiating native title mining agreements

Ngadjuri Contact First

The Ngadjuri Contact First video supports the Ngadjuri Nations Aboriginal Corporation by educating people about Ngadjuri People, their country and culturally appropriate protocols for when and how to engage with them. The video will help people understand what is expected of them when first contacting and meeting with the Ngadjuri community, and help build cultural competency and foster better relationships.

Fostering better relationships with the Ngadjuri community

A video with the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation is currently in production.

More about the Stronger Partners Stronger Futures video program

Co-designing the Future Workshop

On 17 and 18 October 2017, the South Australian Government’s Mineral Resources Division held an independently facilitated Workshop in Port Augusta for those parties who are actively involved in negotiating native title mining agreements under Part 9B of the Mining Act 1971.

Over 80 representatives attended the Co-designing the Future Workshop to discuss and share their ideas and agree a path forward to progress possible reform. This was the largest ever meeting of Traditional Owners, mineral explorers, and peak bodies, to discuss the future of mineral exploration and native title in South Australia. Discussions sought improved trust and collaboration between mineral explorers and traditional owners, and identified how current processes could be streamlined and improved. The Workshop was the outcome of over two years of consultation undertaken in the lead up to the launch of the Stronger Partners, Stronger Futures program.

The key issues considered included cultural heritage management, 'low impact' exploration, alternative native title schemes, early engagement, and further opportunities for collaboration and better communication between all parties.

The spirit of respect and cooperation between parties was outstanding and a commitment from all was reached to continue to work together on reform into 2018. A process to progress issues was strongly supported by the attendees and their peak representative bodies.

We have a clear pathway forward towards regulatory and policy reform that will support better communication, capacity and partnering between native title groups and explorers. The government is committed to continue its consultative approach to mining sector reform as a way of co-designing better solutions and policy outcomes.

The purpose of the Workshop was to work together to share ideas, expertise and wisdom, with a view to:

  • building further trust between government, native title groups and industry;
  • strengthening relationships based on understanding, respect and early engagement;
  • driving better collaboration between stakeholders; and
  • identifying co-designed solutions to the operation of the native title system for mineral exploration in South Australia.

The Workshop was the best opportunity stakeholders have had in over 21 years (since the introduction of the existing native title system) to consider the future of the native title system for mineral exploration in South Australia.

Workshop outcomes and future activities will inform future amendments scheduled as part of the Leading Practice Mining Acts Review, which saw the first of the Bills, the Statutes Amendment (Leading Practice in Mining) Bill 2017, publicly released on 18 October 2017.

The overwhelmingly positive response at the Workshop and the energy to work together going forward was a great indicator that all major changes to South Australia's minerals regulation and business environment should be co-designed and supported by the people who use it.

Issues Paper

Co-designing the Future WorkshopThe Issues Paper summarises the key matters raised through consultations with Traditional Owners and industry, and their legal representatives between 2014 and October 2017. This Issues Paper was prepared so everyone can see what has been said, identify concerns they have in common and consider where they would like to see change. These issues formed the basis of discussions at the Co-designing the Future Workshop and will continue to inform future discussions.

Presentations and other media from the Workshop will be uploaded to this web site as it becomes available.

For more information contact:

Heidi Crow
Principal Policy Advisor (Aboriginal Heritage and Engagement)
Phone: (08) 8463 3508


Andrew Moll
Principal Policy Advisor (Native Title and Engagement)
Phone: (08) 8463 3056

Summary report - Results of consultation so far

Key observations from the consultation so far are presented in the Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Summary Report, August 2017 (PDF 3.5 MB).

This report has been prepared by our independent facilitator Ian Dixon as an overall summary on the review of the native title land access process to date and sets out some of the key observations emerging from discussions.

Stronger partners, stronger futures

How can I find more information on this program?

For more information, contact:

Andrew Moll
Principal Policy Consultant
Phone: +61 8 8463 3056

Heidi Crow
Principal Policy Officer
Phone: +61 8 8463 3508