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News release - Tom Koutsantonis

The South Australian Government has invited OZ Minerals to submit their proposed Concentrate Treatment Plant (CTP) at Whyalla for assessment as a Major Project.

If granted, major project status will provide significant benefits in terms of certainty and approval timelines.

OZ Minerals has signed a non-binding MOU with the administrators of Arrium to explore possible site, infrastructure and port options for the CTP project at Whyalla.

OZ Minerals today informed shareholders that locating the proposed CTP plant at Whyalla would provide access to skilled labour and port, rail and road infrastructure.

Major project status will enable the independent Development Assessment Commission to set the guidelines for OZ Minerals to undertake an environmental impact study or a Public and Environmental Report – whichever is deemed to be the most appropriate.


The OZ Minerals’ CTP proposal aligns with South Australia’s Copper Strategy, launched earlier this year, which aims to increase mineral production and generate new jobs in the supply chain.

If the project was to go ahead, the CTP would use OZ Minerals’ hydromet technology developed with the support of a $10 million State Government grant to improve copper yields.

Since an Administrator was appointed to Arrrium, many major companies have declared their intent to continue ordering from and doing business with the steelmaker, including BHP and major Australian property developers.

Quotes attributable to Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis

This is a great announcement for the people of Whyalla, who are perfectly positioned to support OZ Minerals in this project.

The Concentrate Treatment Plant would tap into Whyalla’s skilled labour force and modern infrastructure, such as its port, rail lines and roads.

If the Whyalla plant were to be declared a major project, this would trigger the most rigorous development assessment process available in South Australia.

The State Government has been a big supporter of the technology behind OZ Minerals’ concentrate treatment plant, providing a $10 million grant to develop the hydromet technology used in the treatment process.

If the processing plant is built in Whyalla, it will be a great outcome for the region, creating 100 jobs during construction and 100 ongoing jobs.

The Government will work with OZ Minerals and Arrium to advance this important project for Whyalla and the Upper Spencer Gulf region.