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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review | Central Eyre Iron Project mining lease approved

Tenement holders must hold an approved program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) before conducting any mining operations.

PEPRs that have been approved in the last six months will be listed on this web page. Previously approved PEPRs can be downloaded from the Resource and Energy Georeference Databases via the South Australian Resource Information Gateway (SARIG).

Download previously approved PEPRs accessed from the Resource and Energy Georeference Databases via the South Australian Resource Information Gateway (SARIG)

Approved program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) Lease/ Licence
(*Tenement class)
LocationPurpose Date approved
Hackett Hill Sand Pit (PDF 10.7 MB)EML 616120 km northwest of Mt GambierSand12 July 2017
Anstey Hill Shale Pit (PDF 6.3 MB)EML 3200–3202Houghton, approximately 20 km from Adelaide in the Adelaide HillsShale30 June 2017
Skinner Sand Pit (also known as Budina Sand Pit) (PDF 1.8 MB)EML 5823ButeSand16 June 2017

Limerock Quarry (PDF 4.4 MB)

EML 6468Dublin area, approximately 11 km southwest of MallalaLimestone/calcrete for road base16 June 2017

Wiltunga Dolomite Quarry (Bute) (PDF 11.6 MB)

EML 5702Approximately 1.7 km east of Bute townshipDolomite and sand6 June 2017
Rosedale Dolomite Quarry (PDF 33.4 MB)EML 4800 and others1 km east of RosedaleDolomite17 May 2017
Iron Knob Mining Area  
Main document (PDF 6.34 MB)
Appendices (PDF 57.6 MB)
ML 2238 and othersFar North - 70 km southwest of Port Augusta and 55 km northwest of WhyallaIron Ore - Hematite 16 May 2017
Mindarie Mineral Sands Project Mindarie C and A(2)
Mindarie C and A(2) PEPR Amendment 03 (PDF 65.8 MB)
Radiation Management Plan (PDF 3.3 MB)
ML 6220, ML 6226, Approximately 50 km southwest of LoxtonIndustrial minerals - heavy mineral concentrate, ilmenite, leucoxene, rutile, zircon8 May 2017
Dry Creek Salt Fields 
Main document (PDF 10.3 MB)
Appendices pp. 1-399 (PDF 86.1 MB)
Appendices pp. 400-741 (PDF 35.3 MB)
Appendices pp. 742-842 (PDF 87.8 MB)
Appendices pp. 843-942 (PDF 83.9 MB)
Appendices pp. 943-1118 (PDF 26.4 MB)
Appendices pp. 1119-2344 (PDF 86.2 MB)
ML 441 and othersDry Creek, north from St Kilda on the northern outskirts of AdelaideSalt12 April 2017
Peculiar Knob (PDF 36.1 MB)ML 6314 and othersApproximately 60 km southwest of Coober PedyIron ore - Hematite Fe2O317 March 2017
Saltbush Flat Mine (PDF 4.64 MB)ML 4572Barrata Station, via YuntaGold6 February
Tumby Bay Limestone Deposit (PDF 2.52 MB)EML 64593 km west of the township of Tumby Bay on Eyre PeninsulaLimestone (construction)23 January 2017
Clinton Sand Pit (PDF 14.2 MB)EML 57925 km southwest of Clinton on the Yorke PeninsulaSand 23 January 2017
Four Mile Uranium Mine (PDF 6.4 MB)ML 6402Between northern Flinders Ranges and Lake Frome, approximately 550 km north of Adelaide and 300 km northeast of Port AugustaUranium23 December 2016
Portia Gold Project
Main document (PDF 15.3 MB)
Appendices A-C (PDF 40.0 MB)
Appendices D-K (PDF 80.0 MB)
ML 6346 Approximately 95 km north of Olary Metallic minerals - gold 20 December 2016
Breadknife Hill Stone Quarry (PDF 9.6 MB) EML 5621 64 km southeast of Coober Pedy, within Woomera Prohibited Area Granite concrete aggregate 2 December
Corunna Quarry (5.20 MB) EML 6463 Corunna Station area, approximately northwest of Whyalla Quartzite 22 November 2016
George Maurice Turner (1.74 MB) EML 6462 Wisanger area, approximately 15 km west of Kingscote Basalt 18 November 2016
Tarcoola Gold Project (42.4 MB) ML 6455 Approximately 360 km northwest of Port Augusta, and 3 km west of Tarcoola Gold and silver   4 November 2016
Kanmantoo Copper Mine  
Main report + Executive summary  (5.78 MB)
Appendices - vol. 1 (20 MB)
Appendices - vol. 2 A-G (45.9 MB)
Appendices - vol. 2 H-O (53.5 MB)
Appendices - vol. 3 (58.4 MB)
ML 6345, ML 6436 Approximately 40 km southeast of Adelaide Industrial and metallic minerals 31 October 2016
Agricola Limestone Mine (1.51 MB) ML 5949, MPL 49 Approximately 15 km west of Robe Agricultural limestone 27 October 2016
Mt Compass Sand & Loam PEPR (34.4MB) EML 5199, 5521, 6450, ML 6451 Located on the outskirts of Mt Compass Construction materials (sand)  27 October 2016
Williams Gypsum Mine (PDF 5.84 MB) ML 6088 Approximately 16 km east of Lochiel Gypsum 26 October 2016
Berkin's Quarry PEPR (PDF 13.2 MB) EML 6461 Comaum area, approximately 16 km north east of Penola Limestone 26 October 2016
Cheetham Salt: Snowtown (PDF 9.84 MB) ML 56 Snowtown, 150 km northeast of Adelaide Salt harvesting 09 September 2016
Hanson Construction Materials Rowland Flat PEPR (PDF 28.9MB) EML 5763 65 km north of Adelaide Sand (construction and horticultural) 09 August 2016
Tantanoola Dolomite Mine PEPR (PDF 6.0MB) ML 3253, ML 3254 and AML 5456 Adjacent to Tantanoola Caves, Tantanoola Dolomite and limestone 14 June 2016
Grantham Lease PEPR (PDF 807.4KB) EML 6456 Wami Kati area, approximately 6.5 km northeast of Port Augusta Construction materials (sand) 7 June 2016
Kulpara Quarry PEPR (PDF 33.2MB) EMLs 6179, 6074, 6180 Approximately 100 km southeast of Adelaide, 17 km from Port Wakefield township, 2 km from Kulpara township Construction materials - dolomite, limestone, quartzite 6 June 2016
Beverley Gravel Pits G1 & Beverley Calcrete Pit 4 (PDF 2.1MB) EMLs 6049, 6050, 6051 and 6392 EMLs 6049, 6050, 6051 120 km east of Lyndhurst
EML 6392 100 km east of Leigh Creek 
Sand and gravel (EMLs 6049, 6050, 6051)
Calcrete (EML 6392)
1 June 2016
Tooperang Sand Quarry PEPR (PDF 7.0MB) EMLs 5331, 5864 and 6449 Port Elliot Construction materials - sand, gravel 18 April 2016
Billabong Valley Farm PEPR (PDF 2.5MB) ML 6447 7 km east of Mount Barker Stone quarry 14 April 2016
PEPR for Modra Earthmoving Calcrete Quarry (PDF 48.8MB) EML 6453 Karkoo, 20 km north of Cummins Calcrete for construction 29 March 2016
Ocsalt Saltfield, Warooka (PDF 18.1MB) MLs 690-691, ML 619, ML 4782, MPL 10 Bottom of Yorke Peninsula, 9.5 km from Warooka Salt mining 11 March 2016
Carrapateena Advanced Exploration Works PEPR (PDF 54.MB) RL 0127 Approximately 160 km north of Port Augusta, 60 km east of Woomera Copper 17 February 2016
Sandy Creek Sand Pit PEPR (PDF 54.8MB) EML 5328, EMLs 5982-95 South of the Barossa Valley Way (Highway) Sand and gravel 17 February 2016
PEPR for Fitzgerald Dam Sand Pit (PDF 1.6MB) EMLs 5803, 5804 50km south of Coober Pedy Sand mining 03 February 2016
Earea Dam PEPR (PDF 3.2MB) ML 5856 Approximately 30 km west of Kingoonya  Mining of gold 13 January 2016
Gray Rubble Pit PEPR (PDF 3.2MB) EML 5967 Approximately 5 km north of Ceduna Limestone extraction 12 January 2016
Program for environment protection and rehabiliation for mineral lease operations in South Australia for RL 128 Paratoo (130.1MB) RL 128 65 km east of Peterborough Copper extraction 12 January 2016
Calcrete Pit 3 Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation (PDF 1.71MB) EML 6384Approx 105 km East of Leigh CreekSand & gravel quarry22 December 2015
Quarry Cowell Jade Deposits Program for Environment Protection and  Rehabilitation (PDF 1.67 MB)   ML 4132 Jade Province near Mt Ghearthy on the east coast of Eyre Peninsula, 70 km north of the township of Cowell on Franklin Harbour   Extractive rock for use in ferry terminal15 December 2015
Barossa Quarries Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation (PDF 3.0MB)   EML 5514 (Emerald Hill), Prongorong Road, Keyneton Drill and blast extraction for processing eipdote/banded calc-silicate into decorative aggregates 20 November 2015
Australian Tailings Group Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation - Teetulpa Gold Project (PDF 32.0MB) ML 5038, ML 5309, ML 5443, ML 5532 Approximately 42 km NNE of Yunta and 35 km NW of Manna Hill Surface mining of alluvial materials for recovery of gold 14 August 2015
Program for Environment Protection and Rehabiliation (PEPR) for proposed drilling at Mt Grainger, Nackara Region, South Australia (PDF 15.5MB) ML 5018 Near Oodlawirra, mid north of SA Drilling to acquire mineralised samples 11 August 2015
PEPR, Turner Quarry 2 (George Maurice Turner) (PDF 4MB) EML 5703 18 km west of Kingscote Removal of rock 31 July 2015
Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation, Teetulpa Goldfield (PDF 6.1MB) ML 5470 37.3 km north of Yunta Washing of alluvial gravels for gold 20 July 2015
Earthworx Earthmoving Contractors: Burt's Hill Extractive Minerals - Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation EML 6444 Western Flat, approximately 26 km from Bordertown Limestone/ calcrete 2 June 2015

*Tenement class

  EML: Extractive minerals lease 
  ML: Mineral lease
  RL: Retention lease
  MPL: Miscellaneous purposes licence

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