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Activities and studies  


  • Geotechnical investigation

    Preliminary assessment of the structural integrity of the former Port Pirie Treatment Plant tailings impoundments. Completed 2005.

  • Surface alpha contamination survey

    Radiological testing of buildings prior to demolition. Completed 2005.

  • Waste qualification/site survey

    To quantify all existing wastes, covers etc as well as locate all services, boundaries etc. Completed 2005

  • Resource economic potential evaluation

    To determine what economic value and potential remain (if any) in the residue products onsite, namely the tailings resulting from the original extraction of uranium from the Radium Hill mine ore. Completed 2006 
  • Hydrogeological investigation 

    Provide sufficient data and information to be able to achieve a greater understanding of the local hydrology. Completed 2006.

In progress

  • Groundwater sampling and monitoring

    To determine what mechanisms and processes are occurring with respect to hydrogeological conditions at the site. Commenced 2006 - ongoing
  • Plant site cleanup 

    Disposal of remaining plant and equipment.
  • Risk assessment and control scoping study

    To quantify and assess the level of risk associated with the site with respect to both radiological and non-radiological impacts.