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Application for mutual recognition of an equivalent occupation in South Australia - mine and quarry managers

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Under the Mutual Recognition (South Australia) Act 1993 (MR Act), enacted under the Commonwealth Mutual Recognition Act 1992, provision applies for persons who hold valid interstate mine or quarry manager's certificates to have their certificate recognised in South Australia.

Requirements for registration

To be entitled to registration in South Australia under the Mutual Recognition regime a person must currently be registered in the state that issued the certificate.

Mutual recognition only applies if the state that issued the certificate still recognises the occupation (mine or quarry manager) to which the certificate relates.

A person applying for mutual recognition of an interstate mine or quarry manager's certificate must:

  • hold a 'full' certificate i.e. a first or second class mine or quarry manager's certificate, or 
  • carry a restriction that is transferable i.e. a quarry manager's certificate restricted to managing less than 25 persons, or quarry manager restricted to sand mining operations.

If a person holds a certificate restricted to a place name mine or quarry or a supervisory certificate, the certificate cannot be mutually recognised.

Note: There is a mutual reciprocity agreement between Australia and New Zealand, however this does not apply to other countries. 

If a person holds a mine or quarry manager's certificate from another country other than New Zealand, they should apply for a certificate through the normal processes by submitting an application for an underground mine and quarry manager's certificate.

A person applying for mutual recognition for a particular mine or quarry manager position in South Australia should also be aware of the current South Australian regulations in relation to the qualifications required for mine or quarry managers - refer to pages 4–5 and 12–17 of the Mines and Works Inspection Regulations 2013. Persons applying for mutual recognition of certificates are not required to undertake any examinations, including mining law examinations.

The Department of State Development (DSD) is the relevant authority to grant registration in South Australia and all details are kept in the statutory Mutual Recognition Register of Mine and Quarry Managers. Registration will confer exactly the same rights in South Australia as the interstate certificate entitlement.

A letter confirming details of the applicant's registration will be issued if the application meets the requirements of the Mutual Recognition Act, together with a tax receipt for payment of the application. Certificates are not issued for mutual recognition. 

Please allow up to one month for the processing of an application.

Application for mutual recognition

The following download contains all that is required for mine and quarry managers to apply for mutual recognition of an equivalent occupation.

The download includes:

  • Checklist for application
  • Credit card payment form (to be used if not paying by cheque or money order)
  • Application form for mutual recognition of an equivalent occupation 
  • Statutory declaration form

Download mine and quarry managers application package for mutual recognition of an equivalent occupation (913KB)

You must ensure that your application is submitted in accordance with the Mutual Recognition Act. Refer to the checklist to ensure all requirements are met. 

Failure to submit all that is required will result in the application not being processed and/or returned.

Mines and Works Inspection Regulations 2013
Refer to pages 4–5 and 12–17 of the regulations for information about qualifications for managers.

For more information, contact:

Linda Thompson
Mining Regulation

+ 61 8 8463 3426