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Resource Gold (Au)

Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Terramin Australian Limited)


Mining proposal under development

Current operations

Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd are proposing development of an underground gold mine on the site of the historic Bird-in-Hand gold mine last mined in the 1880s. Terramin’s intent is to transport ore from Woodside to Strathalbyn to utilise existing processing facilities at Angas Zinc Mine (ML 6229).

LocationLocation of Bird-in-hand Gold Project2.7 km from Woodside in the Adelaide Hills                  
Current tenement information

Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd currently hold exploration licences EL5469 and EL5568 for the Bird-in-Hand Gold Project

As a result of the sale of the Bird-in-Hand Gold Project from Maximus Resources Limited to Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd in 2014, Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd now holds the rights and entitlements to mineral claim MC4113. This mineral claim was established by Maximus Resources Limited in 2008 and is subject to an application for a retention lease lodged by Maximus Resources Limited in 2009. It is expected that this retention lease application will not be progressed once Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd establish a new mineral claim over the Bird-in-Hand Gold Project area. MC4113 will lapse in accordance with the Mining Act when the retention lease application is withdrawn.

More information about the tenements can be found via the South Australia Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)

Tenement application status

An application by Terramin for registration of a mineral claim (MC) and a mining lease (ML) have not yet been lodged with the South Australian Government.

Registration of a mineral claim establishes a right to apply for a mining lease and does not give any right to develop a mine.

Mining lease application requirements

The South Australian Government recognises the particular community and commercial interests arising from the location of the Bird–in-Hand Gold Project.

In April 2017 the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, in collaboration with the Environment Protection Authority and Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources published a Ministerial Determination (PDF 377 KB) specifically for a mining lease application for the Bird-in-Hand Gold Project.

The Determination specifies information that must be provided in a mining lease application and includes key information to be obtained from in-depth studies on the interaction between a potential mine and groundwater, local businesses and the community.

Terramin are also required to openly engage with all stakeholders (i.e. interested members of the public, local businesses etc.) when developing the mining proposal. Detailed evidence of all engagement activities must be provided along with an appropriate response to issues raised.

All requirements of the Ministerial Determination must be provided in the mining lease application submitted by Terramin before it will be accepted.

Latest documents

Terramin announce the official appointment of Mr Ian Dixon as the independent chairperson of the Woodside Community Consultative Committee (WCCC) on 13 September 2017.

Determination for a Mining Proposal for the Bird-in-Hand Gold Project (PDF 377 KB)

Presentations to the Woodside Community Consultative Committee (WCCC)

Correspondence from Government to the WCCC

More information

For a copy of reports in an alternative format contact:
Resource Information Centre, Customer Services
Phone: +61 8 8463 3000

For enquiries relating to the application and government assessment process for this mining project contact:
Mining Regulation Branch
Phone: +61 8 8463 3484