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South Australia works with companies to deliver major mining projects with minimum risk, and in minimum time

Case management for mining projects is provided by the South Australian Government's Mineral Resources Division.

A dedicated mining projects team provides a comprehensive, informed and coordinated approach to assisting proponents through the mine development process. The case managers are senior, experienced government employees, responsible for providing a single point of contact to project proponents for their strategic relationship with government.

Major mining projects are typically complex projects involving:

  • multiple assessments
  • significant environmental challenges
  • high expectations from a large variety of stakeholders
  • large-scale infrastructure requirements.

The South Australian Government recognises the effort and expense required of proponents wanting to take these projects from discovery to development.

A key focus of the mining projects team is to ensure that interactions with government are efficient and effective, and that a holistic view is taken from an early stage to ensure that projects are planned and developed swiftly:

  • in consultation with all relevant stakeholders to ultimately achieve a 'social license to operate'
  • in a manner that balances environmental, economic and social impacts and benefits
  • in a form that delivers profitable mining operations that are sustainable over the long term
  • in a way that positions the state's broader minerals industry for long-term sustainability and sustained growth.

The mining projects team:

  • Coordinates the relationship between mine developers and government
  • Provides advice on government process, and works proactively to identify and eliminate any delays
  • Alerts proponents to key challenges that need to be worked through in the early stages of a project
  • Identifies emerging risk and drives multidisciplinary problem solving with the proponent and key stakeholders
  • Brokers innovative solutions to complex project issues of, for example, science, law, engagement - escalating them wherever necessary.