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Resource Magnetite (Fe3O4)
CompanyIron Road Ltd
Status Mining lease granted. Program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) submission required within 12 months from the lease grant date (3 May 2017).
Mining operation


Location Warramboo area, approximately 25 km SE of Wudinna, Central Eyre Peninsula
Tenement information

Download map showing tenement information via the South Australian Resource Information Gateway (SARIG)

The deposit Information about the deposit can be found on the ................... website or in the mining proposal document (see below).
Resource estimates and production estimates

Company released resource estimates and production statistics for South Australia's major operating and approved mines are summarised in:

Approval process
Central Eyre Iron Project mining application and development elements
Mining application and development application elements
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In November 2015 Iron Road made applications for:
  • A mining lease under the Mining Act 1971 for:
    • an open cut magnetite iron ore mine and processing plant.
  • Development approval under the Development Act 1993 for:
    • a new deep water port facility in Spencer Gulf 7 km south of Port Neill
    • a new 145 km heavy haul rail line from the mine to the port
    • a new water supply borefield
    • new electricity supply infrastructure, and
    • an accommodation village located in the township of Wudinna.
  • Commonwealth environmental approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (EPBC Act) regarding:
    • potential impacts on Southern Right whales from shipping movements in the Spencer Gulf.

The formal lodgement by Iron Road of the mining proposal (MP) and environmental impact statement (EIS) initiated the South Australian Government processes under the Mining Act, Development Act and Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPCB) Act.

The South Australian Government's statutory consultation process commenced on 19 November 2015 and concluded on 2 February 2016 resulting in 105 submissions being received.

Iron Road was required to consider all the public submissions received and prepare response documents on the issues raised in relation to the MP and EIS.

Following acceptance of the response document, Government initiated the comprehensive technical assessment of each application, including information provided in the initial proposals, public submissions, and the response document.

On 3 May 2017, after detailed assessment by technical experts working for and within the South Australian Government, the delegate for the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy and the Governor formally approved, with conditions, the following developments:

Under Commonwealth Law, the decision on actions which may impact Matters of National Environmental Significance is carried out by the Minister for the Environment and Energy or his delegate. This process is still being undertaken and a decision is expected within the next 6 weeks.

Documents and reports

The following documents detail the assessment of the Australian Graphite Pty Limited mining proposal, the terms and conditions of the mineral tenements that have been accepted by Australian Graphite Pty Limited, and answers to commonly asked questions about the Kookaburra Gully Graphite Project:

Central Eyre Iron Project Public submissions received Download all public submissions received (names and contact details have been removed as requested by the submitter)