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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review | Central Eyre Iron Project mining lease approved

CompanyAlinta Energy, Flinders Operating Services Pty Ltd
Mining operation

In June 2015 Alinta Energy informed the State Government of its business decision to close its Leigh Creek coal mine.

The mine's closure is linked to Alinta's decision to close the Port Augusta power stations, which were the only customers of the coal from the mine.

Operations at the Leigh Creek mine ceased on 17 November 2015 and planning has begun for the closure of the mine site. 

Location10 km North East of Leigh Creekleigh_creek_blue
Tenement information

4 Crown Perpetual Leases (ETS 0) under the Electricity Trust of SA Act 1946.

The deposit

The coalfield has a small discrete basins with 13 coal seams of varying quality (geology, composition and calorific value).

  • Lobe A (Copley Basin)
  • Lobe B (Telford Basin)
  • Lobe C
  • Lobe D (Northfield) 

Resource estimates and production estimates

Company released resource estimates and production statistics for South Australia's major operating and approved mines are summarised in South Australia's major operating/approved mines: resources estimates and production statistics (PDF, updated regularly). 

Mine closure and rehabilitation

The Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920 provides the framework for rehabilitation and closure of the mine site.

The State Government will ensure that Alinta complies with its obligations under the leasing arrangements and under the Act regarding the safe closure and rehabilitation of the Leigh Creek mine. 

More information on the closure and rehabilitation of the Leigh Creek mine can be found at:


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