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The Government of South Australia is committed to effective and efficient regulation of South Australia's mineral exploration and mining sectors

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Mining Act compliance and enforcement in South Australia

The following video provides an overview of South Australia's mining regulatory system, outlining the compliance systems and tools that hold mining and quarrying operations accountable in meeting their regulatory obligations.

How the mining industry in South Australia is regulated

Mining Act compliance and enforcement in South AustraliaThe handbook, Mining Act compliance and enforcement in South Australia, explains how South Australia's mining regulators promote and enforce compliance within the state's minerals industry, providing clear and concise information on:

  • the state's regulatory stewardship before, during and following exploration and mining operations
  • how mining companies are held accountable to meet their obligations under the state's mining legislation, including:
    • achievement of environmental outcomes
    • protection of third party interests
    • payment of royalties
  • South Australia's compliance model and regulatory tools used to monitor risks, identify potential problems early, and if need be, take action to deal with an fix noncompliance

Download: Mining Act compliance and enforcement in South Australia (PDF 2.5 MB)


The following South Australian legislation is administered by the Mineral Resources Division on behalf of the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy:

Policy statement

The Government of South Australia has adopted a contemporary framework for regulating mineral exploration and mining activities which is consistent with:

  • The mining legislation administered by the South Australian Government's Mineral Resources Division on behalf of the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy
  • South Australia's economic priorities
  • Publications of the former Ministerial Council for Minerals and Petroleum Resources, including Principles for Engagement with Communities and Stakeholders
  • Our state’s commitment to the regulatory solutions, forms and principles set out in Principles and guidelines for national standard setting and regulatory action by ministerial councils and standard setting bodies, Council of Australian Governments (2004)
  • The Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry published by the Australian Government
  • The principles of Enduring Value (2004) endorsed by all members of the Minerals Council of Australia, which are based on the Sustainable Development Framework of the International Council on Mining and Metals (2003)
  • Relevant national standards including AS/NZS 4360:Risk Management

Administrative arrangements

The Mineral Resources Division is committed to a mutual working relationship with the Environment Protection Authority to support a consistent and efficient environmental regulation of mineral resources.

More about these administrative arrangements