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South Australia is acknowledged as one of the world's best regulated mineral resources jurisdictions

The South Australia mineral resources regulation reports, released annually, summarise the regulatory activities of the South Australian Government's Mineral Resources Division and the performance of the South Australian Mining Industry for each calendar year.

These reports align with the regulatory practices set out in Regulating mineral exploration and mining in South Australia: setting the framework for best practice regulation, which recognises the requirement for predictable regulatory processes and best practice, to provide confidence for the mining sector to commit to higher risks for investment in new mineral exploration, mine developments and life of mine operations.

The South Australian Government recognises that these reports satisfy key features of its regulatory framework by providing transparency of its regulatory services to the South Australian mining industry, community and other stakeholders. These reports will contribute to providing community confidence and trust in the regulator, the industry's overall performance and a demonstrated commitment by exploration and mining companies to best practice management.

Air quality impacts and regulation

This report focuses primarily on the regulation of particulate matter from mines and quarries. It has been conducted to inform the development of a collaborative air quality guideline - a collaboration between the Mineral Resources Division and the Environment Protection Authority South Australia (EPASA).

More about administrative arrangements between the Mineral Resources Division and the Environment Protection Authority