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Applicant: OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Application: Retention lease proposal
Mineral claim (MC) number: MC 4413
Purpose: The retention lease (RL) is proposed to allow the company sufficient time to assess dolomite resources within the well-established Ardrossan Quarry and establish potential for the quarry expansion (that will be subject to a subsequent mining lease application)
Location: Approximately 20 km east of Maitland, Ardrossan area
Area: Approximately 38.95 hectares
Reference: 2017/0200
Document for public comment:

The retention lease application document submitted by OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd may be inspected via the following means:

Please note that details of the proposed exploration work are yet to be developed.

The Mining Act 1971 requires provision of a program for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR) for the proposed exploration drilling.

The PEPR is to be provided within one year following the grant of the (proposed) RL and prior to any drilling taking place.

The subsequent PEPR submission will provide detailed description of the proposed exploration activities, assessment of potential environmental impacts, environmental outcomes and outcome measurement criteria developed for the proposed operations and rehabilitation of the disturbed land.

Making a submission:

Written submissions in relation to this application are invited.

Consider whether or not:

  • the proponent has adequately described the existing environment as far as this is relevant to the proposed operations
  • there are any concerns and/or potential environmental impacts, operation and/or rehabilitation, realted specifically to the proposed operations.

Information and guidelines on making a submission on a mining proposal

The Minister for Energy and Mining is required to have regard to these submissions in determining whether to grant or refuse the application and, if so, the terms and conditions on which it should be granted.

When you make a written submission that submission becomes a public record. Your submission will be provided to the applicant and may be made available for public inspection unless confidentiality is requested.

Send written comments to:

Business Support Officer
Mining Regulation Branch
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 320
Adelaide SA 5001

Street address:
Level 3, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000


Closing date for comment:

Closing date for submission 26 April 2018

If we do not receive a response by this date it will be presumed that no comment will be made.

If you require more time to respond or have any queries regarding this application contact:

Dragana Blagojevic
Mining Regulation Branch
Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Phone: +61 8 88463 3114

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