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Listed below are the names of persons who submitted comment on the Kara Resources Pty Ltd mining lease proposal who have not requested confidentiality. Personal contact details are removed and each name is hyperlinked to their submission. The views expressed are those of the individual authors of each of the submissions.

Submissions received from:

Anderson, Chris (PDF)

Bliss, Samara (PDF)

Carmen, Levi and Cherie (PDF)

Cawrse, Jim and Velda (PDF)

Cook, Jan and Walter (PDF)

Craddock, Miranda (PDF)

Crosby, Paul and Bronwyn (PDF)

Fenton, LS and JM (PDF)

Guidera, Luke (PDF)

Heinjus, David (PDF)

Heinjus, Peter and Joyce (PDF)

Holland, Charmaine (PDF)

Joseph, Russell and Mary (PDF)

Kennelly, Peter (.pdf)\ (PDF)

Kernich, Erica and Jeff (.pdf) (PDF)

Leib, Juergen and Venetta (.pdf) (PDF)

Mikajlo, Steve and Lisa (.pdf) (PDF)

Murphy, Ian (.pdf) (PDF)

Nain/Daveyston/Greenock/Freeling Action Group (.pdf) (PDF)

Niemz, Rex (.pdf) (PDF)

Possingham, Jacqui and Poole, David (PDF)

Richardson, Janet (PDF)

Roether, Trevor (PDF)

Saegenschnitter, GB (PDF)

Schild, KA and RJ (PDF)

Schluter, Mick (PDF)

Schulz, Charmayne and Anthony (PDF)

Seymon, GJ and PC (PDF)

Seymon, Peter (PDF)

Standish, Shirley (PDF)

Stevens, Frank and Carol (PDF)

Verner Family (PDF)

Werner, Peter and Kathi (PDF)

Woollatt, RB (PDF)