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View current status of an exploration licence application and track progress through to application outcome

The Application Status widget in the South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG) tracks the progress of an exploration licence application from when it was received and validated by the Department of State Development (DSD) through to the application outcome.

 View of the application status bar showing tabs and details displayed

Information about the status of the exploration licence application includes:

  • when the application was received and determined to be valid in accordance with the Mining Act
  • DSD's Mineral Resources Division's technical assessment of valid applications, including consultations with other Government Agencies, and formulation of licence conditions
  • DSD's Mineral Tenements preparation of a Letter of Offer, including approval from the Minister's delegate
  • when the offer of a mineral exploration licence has been made and is being considered by the applicant
  • when the offer of a mineral exploration licence has been accepted by the applicant and will be granted on completion of statutory advertising (28 days) and DSD's administrative procedures.

The widget will also show:

  • the date on which the stage of the process has commenced
  • the date nominated by DSD within which a routine application should be completed for this stage of the process
  • the date on which the stage of the process has been completed.

Other information that can be found includes:

  • if DSD has requested additional information from the applicant
  • if consultation or approval is required from other government agencies
  • if the assessment is delayed as the DSD's assessment process has identified a specific issue that needs to be resolved by DSD before the application can be progressed further, for example a land access government policy or legal issue
  • the initial licence term that is offered to the applicant
  • the exploration expenditure required to be spent during the specified licence term to satisfy conditions of the exploration licence (i.e. the total exploration commitment)
  • the date on which the statutory 28 day period from when the Minister's intention to grant an exploration licence is advertised commences. (In accordance with section 28(5)of the Mining Act the Minister's intention to grant an exploration licence must be advertised in the Government Gazette and a state and regional or local newspaper a minimum of 28 days before the licence may be granted.)

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