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The Minerals and Energy Advisory Council (MEAC) was formed in 2015, representing the merger of the former Resources Industry Development Board (RIDB) and the Resources and Energy Sector Infrastructure Council (RESIC).

MEAC is to provide advice and to act as a sounding board for the South Australian State Government on all aspects of the mineral and energy resources sectors.

MEAC objectives

MEAC's objectives are to advise the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy on areas of:

  • State economic priorities
    Unlocking the full potential of South Australia's resources, energy and renewable assets is a key economic priority for South Australia. Twelve objectives reside within the framework of this economic priority and require input from MEAC.
  • Land access
    Facilitating access to land is a high priority issue for explorers. A policy of multiple land use is essential for the South Australia's continued economic development. This policy and its implementation must be accomplished within a culturally and environmentally sensitive approach engaging with all stakeholders. MEAC has a key role in working with the Department of State Development (DSD) as an industry sounding board in the practical management of these issues.
  • Stimulating exploration
    A vibrant exploration environment is achieved through the provision of accessible, relevant and innovative pre-competitive data, supportive government policies and initiatives, and importantly, continued discovery success. MEAC has a key role in independently advising the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy and DSD on the planning and implementation of such initiatives. MEAC also has a role in assisting to define realistic exploration targets and performance measures. This will directly impact the State’s ranking in the global resources sector.
  • Sustainable development, production and processing
    Wealth creation through the mineral and energy resources sector in South Australia is predicated to continue to move beyond the exploration stage to the establishment of long term, sustainable mining and minerals processing. MEAC is tasked with providing advice to the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy and government to ensure the full value chain of the resources sector is realised. This should include social inclusion, regional development, training and employment, and research and development (R&D) capacity enhancement.
  • Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan lays foundation for Resources Infrastructure Taskforce
    The Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan has been prepared to identify potential infrastructure MEAC Terms of Reference solutions which will support progression of mining developments, including their connections to overseas customers. MEAC will provide advice to complement the work of the taskforce and act as an additional sounding board on resource sector infrastructure direction.

Terms of reference | MEAC members | Minutes of meetings

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